Divorce and Family Law

Going through a divorce, child custody dispute or other contested family law proceeding can be a frightening experience. When your property, financial security and rights as a parent are on the line, it can be an overwhelming experience.

Protect Your Financial and Parental Rights

An experienced divorce family law attorney can protect your rights, help put your mind at ease by explaining the process, and help you move forward with a sense of confidence and hope.

Need an Experienced Family Law Attorney?

If you are getting a divorce, need help with an adoption, or need an attorney for any other important family law matter in Tennessee, contact an experienced family law attorney at the law office of Phillip M. George. We handle divorce and family law cases on behalf of people throughout Middle Tennessee.

We have experience in a wide range of family law areas, including:

In each family law matter we handle, we passionately defend our client’s rights. If you need to speak with a family law attorney about your legal needs, contact our association of attorneys in Smyrna, Tennessee, at 615-459-6130.

How We Handle Divorce

When we represent a client in a divorce, we take time to listen to his or her needs and create a legal plan of attack tailored to meet his or her individualized needs. We handle all types of issues that may arise in a client’s divorce file, including:

When seeking to resolve an issue, we take a firm yet reasoned approach to negotiations that has yielded powerful results.

Thanks to our straightforward and proactive approach to dispute resolution, we are able to resolve most divorce cases without going to trial. This saves our clients a lot of time, stress and money.

When a case does require trial, we are always ready to protect your rights aggressively. This means preparing thoroughly for the possibility of trial in each case. Attorney Phillip M. George, one of our attorneys, has nearly 25 years of legal experience and is a seasoned trial lawyer.

Divorce Mediation

We also offer mediation services for clients seeking to resolve a divorce, child custody dispute, visitation dispute or other family-related matter by mediation. Lydia B. George handles our mediation services. Ms. George is a Rule 31 Trained Mediator.

Contact Our Knowledgeable Family Law Attorneys

If you have questions about divorce, legal separation, adoption, legal name changes, mediation, modification of child custody or another family law matter, contact our family law attorney by e-mail or call 615-459-6130. We serve Murfreesboro, LaVergne, and all of Rutherford county.