Drug Offenses

If you have been charged with a drug offense, your entire future may be in jeopardy. You could be facing serious fines, penalties or jail time. To fight those charges and to ensure your rights are protected, you need an experienced drug offense attorney who can be a strong advocate for you in the criminal justice system.

Murfreesboro Narcotic Possession Lawyers Who Are Skilled Negotiators

Phillip M. George, Attorneys at Law, have the experience and the passion to effectively fight the drug offense charges against you. Our knowledgeable drug offense lawyers will consider every option in your case. We are skilled at negotiating plea agreements, but are also always ready to go to trial and defend you in court.

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Experienced and Strategic Defense

A drug crime is a serious offense in the state of Tennessee and requires an aggressive defense. If charged with distributing and selling drugs, a strong drug trafficking defense is necessary.

As your criminal defense attorney, our lawyers will strategize on your behalf to have the charges against you dismissed or to obtain a beneficial plea agreement to avoid trial. If the prosecution refuses to negotiate fairly in your case, we will wage an aggressive, strategic fight in court. At trial, we will fight to protect your constitutional rights by challenging evidence obtained illegally and the use of improper interrogation tactics. In addition, we will negotiate with the prosecution to reduce your sentence whenever possible.

Drug Crime Defense

We have the experience to help you defend against any drug crime, including:

  • Narcotics possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession/distribution of drugs
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Juvenile drug charges

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