Eminent Domain Condemnation

Get Fair Compensation for Your Property

Through the power of eminent domain, the government has a limited right to take property for government use. The power of eminent domain is used when the government wants to expand a road, build a public park, preserve valued wetlands and carry out other public interest projects.

Unfortunately, if the government wants your property for a public use, they will probably get it. You have a right to contest the taking of your property, but in many cases the best you can hope for is fair compensation for your property.

What if the Government will not offer Fair Market Value for Your Property?

If the government is trying to take your property through the power of eminent domain, protect your right to receive fair compensation for your property by retaining an experienced attorney.

In most cases of condemnation, the government has one idea about the value of a property and the property owner has a completely different idea. In most cases, the property owner has a better idea of what their property is worth because they see property being placed for sale on a daily basis. They have a better connection to what makes their home and their land special.

How Can We Help You?

If the government wants your property in Tennessee, contact Phillip M. George, Attorneys at Law. Our association of attorneys will fight for your right to get fair market value for your property.

Attorney Philip M. George has been practicing law since 1984 and has been handling eminent domain (condemnation) cases for nearly a decade. As a former City Attorney for the town of Smyrna, Mr. George understands the issues that often drive the government’s agenda.

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