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As an employee who has been injured, you have rights. Most employers are required by Tennessee state law to carry workers’ compensation insurance that will provide benefits for medical bills, ongoing care and a percentage of your lost wages.

You do not have to prove that your employer was negligent to receive benefits, and your employer may not terminate your employment or otherwise discriminate against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

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If you have been injured in a workplace accident in Tennessee, contact the experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at the Middle Tennessee Law Group.

We handle all types of workers’ compensation claims, including:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Shoulder and knee injuries
  • Fatal injuries (seeking death benefits for dependent family members)
  • Occupational diseases and industrial injuries
  • Wrist, ankle and elbow injuries
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Paralysis
  • Mental health injuries (stress and anxiety caused by your job)

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Put Our Experience to Work for You

Our attorneys have extensive experience in workers’ compensation law. Attorney Phillip M. George has been handling workers’ compensation cases on behalf of injured workers since 1984. As a result of our experience, we have access to many experienced medical experts and know how to handle workers’ compensation claims and appeals effectively.

In addition to workers’ compensation claims and appeals, we also handle third party liability claims. A third party liability claim is a personal injury lawsuit against someone other than your employer who may have played a role in the cause of your accident. These cases are fairly common in cases involving a construction site accident where a construction worker is injured on the job and a third party has played a role in the injury suffered by the worker.

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